About Us

Welcome to brainytoys, the only place where you can learn and experiment on Science and technology with an open mind,sharpen your brain and develop your abilities in Robotics, science, electronics, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, aero-modelling and manymore. ``brainytoys`` is the product of over 40 years business experience of its promotors, who are engineers and have felt the need to educate the young kids and children about latest developments in technology which will play a vital role in our daily life. We believe that early exposure to science and technology will give kids more opportunities later in life.

We don’t expect every child to become robot or electronics engineer or science wizard, but we know that it will change their lives by learning the concepts of each subject practically. Children at young age have fresh mind which absorbs knowledge like a sponge absorbs water.

Now-a-days, all of us are having TV, I- Pad, laptops and smart phones in our homes and our children are having easy access to these gadgets and they enjoy watching TV or stuck to I-pads to watch movies/cartoon films etc. Parents are facing serious problems to avoid their wards not to watch TV and I-pads whole day and for that we need something more interesting for the children to play and learn to pass spare time.

Further, our education system is paying more attention on bookish knowledge and children study to pass the exams or crack a competition like IIT or medical, even though the concepts are not clear to them. I feel, there is a strong need for practical education so that concepts in each subject is clear to the children and they develop an ability to invent new products.

We should educate our children not only to become engineers and doctors but scientists and inventors who create new products/process for the benefit of humanity and to make life easier. Our idea is to provide such products to children at affordable prices, which will develop their brain power and ability to make new inventions.

We have developed our own many educational products like Robotic kits for different age groups like 5-8 years, 6-9 years, 9-12 years and 12-16 years. We also feel the necessacity to teach basic electronics as we are using many electronic gadgets in our houses, therefore children should have basic knowledge to recognize the electronic components, their applications. Accordingly, we have developed our own electronic kit to learn the same. All our curriculums have been prepared by experienced and qualified teachers in their respective fields.

Although, I have used my knowledge and experience to help parents to provide practical eduation to their children, yet there is always scope for more improvement. I invite your valuable suggestions and feedback to make more improvements and offer better services to the community.