Banana Piano

By Braintoys
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It is a digital fruit piano. No soldering is required and even a 6 year child, who is a beginner can build it in less than one hour. Children enjoys the playing with musical instruments as it produces different cute tunes. What sound does a banana make? Let’s find out. While humans and fruit do conduct electricity, they’re pretty bad at it. Both typically have an electrical resistance that’s in the 1-megaohm range, depending on how moist your skin or nectarine is. This design uses your body and the fruit as part of the circuit, flowing current through the human-fruit wire, but the high resistance means that the currents involved are tiny. The piano player isn’t going to feel a shock, or even feel anything at all. She’ll just lightly touch different bits of fruit to play a song, almost as if by magic. The kit comes with all the required components, study material and manual.

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