Brainy Toys Bot Kit, Wolf bot-BTAB-010, Plastic And Metal Kit, Multicolor, 55+ Parts

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Wolf is a highly adaptive animal found in all kinds of terrain. Wolves inhabit forests, deserts, mountains, tundras, grasslands and even urban areas. They vary in color from pure white to pure black . Wolves are social animals. They live in family groups, sometimes called packs. A family group typically consist of two parents and their pups. Most of the pups disperse (leave) the family after twelve months, before becoming mature. Some pups may stay for more than one year. These elder pups may act as baby sits. Children always love to play with animals, insects and fishes. We have developed robotic kits based on the same principles so that children not only learn to build an animal robot but also have fun when their robot run using motor and battery. This kit comes with all the required components along with 2 Nos. motors and battery. Wolf is a well known animal and most of the children always like to see them in Zoo. Children can build the model of wolf robot using two DC motors and also fix a sticker of wolf, so that they have feeling of running real wolf. They will get extremely happy and excited when wolf will walk on floor. Complete construction manual to build the model step by step is provided in PDF format along with clear pictures of the components used in each step. It is a fully working robotic kit. It is very easy for the children to assemble the same. Suitable Age from 5 to 8 years. Building instruction provided.

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