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In large buildings, offices, hotels etc. it is very much important to take preventive steps to avoid any fire breakdown, which can cause property loss besides human lives.Therefore, it is essential to install fire alarms in all such buildings which gives warnings immediately if any smoke/fire is arises. We have developed a fire alarm which teaches the children about its technology and applications.We interface flame sensor with arduino and learn all the steps to build Fire Alarm System . Flame sensor module has photodiode to detect the light and op-amp to control the sensitivity.It is used to detect fire and provide high signal upon the detection. Arduino reads the signal and provides alert by turning on buzzer and LED. Flame sensor used here is an IR based flame sensor.As soon as any fire or smoke arises, the buzzer starts ringing and LED also starts blinking giving the warning. The kit comes along with all the required components, study material and manual.

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