Traffic Light Controller

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The use of personal vehicles is very common now a days and as a result, the number of vehicles on the roads are exponentially increasing. Roads without any supervision or guidance can lead into traffic congestions and accidents. Traffic Lights or Traffic Signals are signaling devices that are used to control the flow of traffic. Generally, they are positioned at junctions, intersections, X roads, pedestrian crossings etc. and alternate the priority of who has to wait and who has to go. The traffic lights will provide instructions to the users (drivers and pedestrians) by displaying lights of standard color. The three colors used in traffic lights are Red, Yellow and Green. The system must be used to control the traffic lights for smooth and safe movement of traffic. These control systems consists of electro mechanical controllers with clockwork mechanisms or modern solid state computerized systems with easy setup and maintenance. The kit comes with all the required components along with study material and manual.

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