Workshops for Kids

Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your kids about the world of robotics? BrainyToys is India’s largest distribution marketplace for advanced tech robotics, offering a wide variety of robotic workshops for children of all ages. With our workshops, kids can learn about different robotic technologies and concepts while having fun and building their mental skills for the future.
Child learns about various robotic concepts, its applications in daily life besides knowledge of sensors is attained. These kits are child friendly, easy to use and assemble. Our robotics project workshops and engineering projects workshops are perfect for schools, hobby clubs, children’s clubs, and welfare associations. We offer the most demanding and interesting robotic workshops for kids in India, helping them grow and develop in the fast-changing world of advanced technology.
Enrolling your child in our workshops is easy and can be done online. With BrainyToys, your child will have a blast while learning about the exciting world of robotics. For more information, please contact us today to inquire about enrollment in our robotic workshops.