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Our educational programs offer a wide range of workshops and activities for children to learn and explore STEM fields. We provide robotics workshops that cater to different age groups, allowing children to build and program robots using innovative technologies. Our electronics and renewable energy workshops focus on teaching children how to build circuits and understand sustainable energy sources. Additionally, we offer engineering and science workshops that encourage children to think creatively and critically, developing their problem-solving skills. We also have unique activities such as building a football-playing robot and animal robots. Our programs aim to promote hands-on learning and inspire children to pursue their interests in STEM.

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Online Training

We offer robotics and electronics training for children aged 5 to 16, as well as engineering college students. With 9 years of experience and our own robotic kits, we are now launching online training via Skype and video conferencing. Children receive a complete DIY kit and study material by courier, then can schedule training time slots with our qualified engineers. The training is step-by-step, and our trainers are available to answer any questions. Our goal is to provide convenient and accessible education in robotics, enabling the new generation to gain knowledge and experience in this exciting and rapidly growing field.

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We organize Workshops in Schools, institutes, Clubs, Housing socities etc

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Our gallery showcases a wide range of images highlighting our products and services, including robotic kits, building blocks, toys, robot parts, school/college projects, and solar robot kits. From creative building projects to advanced robotics, our gallery offers a glimpse into the exciting world of STEM education and innovation.