Online Training

Robotics is an exciting and fastest growing field of technology as are now in the robotic age.Therefore, it is very much essential that the new generation should have the knowledge of robotics, so that they are familiar with its applications.

We have been teaching robotics and electronics to kids and children since last 9 years and have trained many thousands children. We manufacture our own robotic kits for all age group of children ( 5 to 16 years) and also for engineering college students. Now, we are launching online training of robotics and basic electronics for kids and children besides engineering college students. We have developed many curriculums and a child can learn gradually one by one. Since it is difficult for children to travel long distances to go to robotic training centres, we offer to provide complete training online through skype and video conferencing.

Once a child chooses a particular course and places the order, he will get the complete DIY kit at home, along with complete study material and building instructions through courier. After that, the child can choose the time slot for online training.

We are have a team of qualified robotic engineers, who will provide complete training step by step, so that the child can easily assemble his robot. The child can ask as many questions from our trainer to build his robot and increase his knowledge.

Each child will be provided a course completion certificate for his/her record.

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